What is the VCOIN Marketplace?

The VCOIN Marketplace- think of it like “Etsy” but for Producers (users that provide services for other users). Producers who accept VCOIN put up listings on the marketplace to advertise their services, and users who are looking for certain services can look through the listings and hire a user directly. The VCOIN Marketplace creates a safe, simple and quick in-platform transaction for any IMVU service a player might need!

What is the purpose of the VCOIN Marketplace?

The VCOIN Marketplace has NUMEROUS advantages for IMVU shoppers and Producers alike. The easy and frictionless platform to link those providing services and those hiring users for services revolutionizes connections within the IMVU community. The VCOIN Marketplace also provides a platform for users who are looking to reach a larger audience in-game.

By placing a VCOIN Marketplace listing, Producers can be sure that their post will be viewed by thousands of users that frequent the marketplace. For shoppers who are looking to hire for an IMVU service, now there’s a place to easily access hundreds of other users who can help!

What are some cool listings on the VCOIN Marketplace?

IMVU is a unique place. So it would make sense that there are many unique services that Producers are listing on the VCOIN Marketplace that you’d never even think would exist and be profitable within a virtual world. On the VCOIN Marketplace, currently users can hire:

  • A Tarot Card Reader
  • Models
  • Editors
  • Custom Creators
  • Babysitters
  • Personal Shoppers/Stylists
  • An IMVU Tour Guide
  • Check out more services on the VCOIN Marketplace!

Stay tuned in to the VCOIN social channels to be the first to know when the purple VCOIN Debit Card will be available. Check out therealvcoin.com to learn more about VCOIN and our new Debit Card.





VCOIN — the first currency to allow users to buy, gift, earn and, for the first time, transfer their digital assets off the IMVU platform, to convert into fiat.