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VCOIN — the first currency to allow users to buy, gift, earn and, for the first time, transfer their digital assets off the IMVU platform, to convert into fiat.

Virtual Currency. Real World Value.

VCOIN is a new digital currency designed for the Metaverse. Launching in January on the IMVU platform VCOIN will provide another digital currency for users on the platform. Yet unlike the usual in-game currency, VCOIN is a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain and adhering to the ERC-20 standard — which opens up more possibilities for users, earners and anyone that participates in the virtual economy. Users can purchase, earn, and exchange VCOIN within the IMVU platform — and for the first time, transfer it off of the platform and convert into cash.

Why Create a New Digital Currency?


Hello, my name is Lync!

I’m an IMVU Producer and I do edits. I’ve been playing VU for about 2 years now, and soon after joining I started making edits and posting stuff up on my Instagram. Not professionally but just as a hobby at the time. I love creating memorable images and cool poster-like pieces that kinda transcended the visuals you could create on-platform. I really fell into the Producer role by accident you could say. When posting my edits on Instagram, all of sudden people started messaging me asking for prices. They assumed I was a business…

This month we kicked off our #IAmAProducer Campaign in order to highlight and support the various Producers that are currently earning VCOIN in the IMVU metaverse. At the moment we have over 60+ Producers actively requesting and earning VCOIN on-platform.

For this campaign we interviewed 5 of our top earners about their experience as a Producer prior to VCOIN being a payment option and what it’s like now, as they implement VCOIN into their businesses. Check out our first two Producer interviews below where we featured Lync, an Image Editor on IMVU and Yvonem, an IMVU Model.

To hear more…

Follow along to learn what you need to do to start withdrawing your VCOIN! No VCOIN to withdraw just yet? Purchase some here or start earning VCOIN in IMVU through the VCOIN Marketplace!

Criteria to Withdraw

  • Must have at least 1,250 VCOIN
  • VCOIN must have been in your wallet for at least 30 days after purchase
  • Must have a linked Uphold Account
  • Be 18+ years old
  • Must have 2FA enabled
  • Must reside in a state/country/province where VCOIN withdrawal is enabled

VCOIN Eligibility

In order to withdraw, you must hold at least 1,250 VCOIN ($5 worth), and that VCOIN has to have been in your wallet…

You asked, we answered! Here’s where we’ll compile various questions we receive about what VCOIN is and how it will operate both on IMVU and on the Ethereum blockchain. If you have a burning question you’d like to have answered here, tag @thereal_vcoin on Twitter or send an email to

Is VCOIN a Stablecoin?

Although it can be easily confused for one, VCOIN is NOT a traditional stablecoin. VCOIN is a digital currency token that although holds a fixed buy/sell price, is not pegged to a known asset. …

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Jan. 21, 2021VCOIN, the transferable digital currency that allows IMVU users to buy, gift, hold, earn and convert earnings to real money for the real world, today announced that it has joined the Blockchain Game Alliance, an organization committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry. As a member of the BGA, VCOIN will join various other blockchain and gaming companies such as The Sandbox, Enjin, Animoca Brands and Dapper Labs to do just this.

“VCOIN is doing something new, something that you don’t see too often in either industry and we are excited…

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Jan. 22, 2021 — John Burris, Chief Strategy & Blockchain Officer of IMVU and VCOIN will be speaking at this year’s Gamesbeat Into the Metaverse Conference. Burris will be speaking live on The Future Economy of the Metaverse and the introduction of digital currencies on the morning of January 28th at 11:45am ET with a Q&A session to follow. The full speech will be available in an on-demand format shortly thereafter on the VentureBeat Youtube Channel.

Today, most gaming and metaverse platforms offer proprietary virtual currency/credit systems that only have on-platform limited value in a single-purchase…

VCOIN is currently driving peer-to-peer transactions all across the U.S. and in more than 150 countries. And, while at launch, users in a few select states and countries will be unable to buy VCOIN or transfer it out of IMVU at launch, our team is actively working to quickly expand its availability. However, all users should be able to send and receive VCOIN from other users while on the IMVU platform.

The current list of countries and US states that cannot purchase or withdraw VCOIN are as follows (this list will continuously be updated as regulations change):

Countries: DZ, BD…

VCOIN — the first transferable digital currency that easily lets users buy, gift, earn and convert VCOIN to real money for the real world, is now available for all users in IMVU.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain and functioning as an ERC-20 crypto token, VCOIN can be exchanged both inside the IMVU platform, and for the first time, off of the platform.

Available now for the IMVU desktop, mobile web, and web platforms, VCOIN is seamlessly integrated into the IMVU experience, enabling secure, global peer-to-peer transactions at the click of a button.

With this announcement, IMVU’s more than 7M…

As published in VentureBeat:

This is an exciting time in the virtual space. Even before the pandemic we’ve seen the virtual worlds of games like Roblox and Fortnite start to evolve from just gaming to become burgeoning centers for social interaction and live events. While we’re not at the Ready, Player One level yet, we are starting to see the seeds of Metaverses where rich social experiences in shared virtual 3D spaces are the norm, where commerce and peer-to-peer marketplaces thrive, providing incentives for users to shape the communities by creating and selling products and services themselves.

There is real…

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