8/9/21 VCOIN Newsletter

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Earn in-game. Spend in real life.

The VCOIN Debit Card is available!
We’ve partnered with Uphold to allow US-based IMVU users to withdraw their VCOIN earnings into their Uphold account and, for the first time, spend it via an Uphold Debit Card.

“The ability to earn VCOIN in the metaverse and quickly access that value in the real world has been behind the premise of VCOIN,” said Nancy Beaton, VP of Strategy at VCOIN. “Partnering with Uphold on a debit card makes this promise even more frictionless and accessible, creating a practical means by which metaverse users can earn digital currency that holds real-world value to use in the real world.”

VCOIN is available on both IOS and Android!

VCOIN has fully launched on IMVU Mobile for both IOS and Android users! Since the launch, the number of VCOIN transactions happening on-platform has tripled with more than 90% coming from just mobile IMVU users.

Like most in the gaming and social space, IMVU users are majorly mobile and now that VCOIN is there too, we’re able to reach more users than ever before. Stay tuned to our social channels for more updates!

VCOIN in the Spotlight

Game Developers Conference

Chief of Strategy, John Burris shares how one of the leading metaverse economies is rapidly evolving, what’s next and what this all means for the broader gaming/metaverse ecosystem.

Learn More about the talk here.

CGC | NFT 2.0

VP of Strategy, Nancy Beaton along with panelists from DappRadar, SuperWorld, Boson Protocol and The Fabricant discuss NFTs in the metaverse and the growing potential for users.

Watch the panel here.

The New Metaverse Economy

VP of Strategy, Nancy Beaton talks about the new metaverse economy and how companies like IMVU are appealing to this next generation of gamers that are looking for more than just winning the next level.

Read the article here.

Together Labs Reveals VCOIN Debit Card

Great article from Dean Takahashi in VentureBeat about our recent VCOIN Debit Card announcement and what this means for VCOIN holders on IMVU.

Read the article here.

Coming Soon

Purple VCOIN-branded debit card!

Soon, we’ll be launching our very own purple VCOIN-branded debit card like the one to the right! Follow the VCOIN social channels and be the first to know the official launch date.

Currently only the green Uphold Debit Card is available at sign up

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