5/4/21 VCOIN Newsletter

Here’s our April/May VCOIN Update! Learn about what all we’ve been up to the past month and what we have coming up.

We have exciting news! We’ve partnered with Xsolla, a video game commerce company that helps developers and publishers market, sell, connect and optimize their games globally. With this new partnership VCOIN and Xsolla will explore multiple product integrations in order to support and scale the metaverse for gamers and creators around the world.

“We know that Metaverse users and gamers play on many different platforms. With this announcement, our users will soon be able to earn VCOIN on the IMVU platform and directly use that to purchase other in-game credits through Xsolla’s vast payment platform. This makes VCOIN one of the first digital assets to connect users’ experiences across the metaverse,” said Nancy Beaton, VP of Strategy of VCOIN.

Read the full Press Release here.

Hear from VCOIN Producers…

This month we launched the #IAmAProducer Campaign in order to highlight and support the various Producers that are currently earning VCOIN in IMVU. At the moment we have over 60+ Producers actively requesting and earning VCOIN on-platform.

For this campaign we interviewed 5 of our top earners about their experience as a Producer prior to VCOIN being a payment option and what it’s like now, as they implement VCOIN into their businesses.

Check out our first two Producer interviews here where we feature Lync, an Editor on IMVU and Yvonem, an IMVU Model.

To hear more from these Producers, follow us on Medium at therealvcoin so you don’t miss our upcoming blog posts, written by our Producers themselves on how they began their service on IMVU and how VCOIN is helping them grow their virtual business. Read Lync’s blog post here.

VCOIN in the Spotlight


John Burris, Chief Strategy Officer of VCOIN spoke at CGC | NFT about the growth and future of the next-gen virtual goods economy.

Watch the talk here.

IMVU Players Earning VCOIN

Watch IMVU players, Carmen King and Yorkie use VCOIN and talk about how to buy, how to use and most importantly, how they earn VCOIN by simply playing the game. Watch their videos below!

“Making Money in the Metaverse” Forbes Article

Tech Futurist, Cathy Hackl, discusses how companies like IMVU are paving the way for the convergence between reality and virtual worlds, starting with currencies like VCOIN that allow users to monetize their play.

Read the article here.

Coming Soon

VCOIN on IMVU Mobile

VCOIN will be available on IMVU Mobile in the coming months! Users will be able to gift, earn and convert VCOIN into cash all within the IMVU App. Follow the VCOIN social channels and be the first to know the official launch date.

Check out therealvcoin.com and follow us on our social channels to learn more about VCOIN and be the first to receive key updates and announcements!





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